Elgg v1.8.9 release: Anybody tried out?

Thanks to the developers who contributed to this version. Any early use feedback?


Version 1.8.9
(November 11, 2012 from https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/tree/1.8)
 Contributing Developers:
  * Brett Profitt
  * Cash Costello
  * Evan Winslow
  * Jeroen Dalsem
  * Jerome Bakker
  * Matt Beckett
  * Paweł Sroka
  * Sem
  * Steve Clay

 Security Enhancements:
  * Sample CLI installer cannot break site
  * Removed XSS vulnerabilities in titles and user profiles

  * UX: A group's owner can transfer ownership to another member
  * UX: Search queries persist in the search box
  * Several (X)HTML validation improvements
  * Improved performance via more aggressive entity and metadata caching
  * BC: 1.7 group profile URLs forward correctly

  * UX: Titles containing HTML tokens are never mangled
  * UX: Empty user profile values saved properly
  * UX: Blog creator always mentioned in activity stream (not user who published it)
  * UI: Fixed ordering of registered menu items in some cases
  * UI: Embed dialog does not break file inputs
  * UI: Datepicker now respects language
  * UI: More reliable display of access input in widgets
  * UI: Group edit form is sticky
  * UI: Site categories are sticky in forms
  * API: Language fallback works in Javascript
  * API: Fallback to default viewtype if invalid one given
  * API: Notices reported for missing language keys
  * Memcache now safe to use; never bypasses access control
  * BC: upgrade shows comments consistently in activity stream

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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