I am new to Elgg and need some help

I have installed tidypics and when I upload a pic it shows it was uploaded fine but the picture doesnt show up on the site.

I have tried to add a avatar pic and all I get is a ? the url to the data folder is correct and I have gd extions enabled on the server

can someone please help me out

  • First, I would try the basic uploader instead of the flash uploader to see if this works (the basic uploader still seems to work more stable in general anyway).

    If this does not solve your issue, you might need to check the settings of post_max_size and upload_max_filesize in your .htaccess file and increase them (especially post_max_size needs to be a bit larger than upload_max_filesize).

    It could also be a permission issue with your data folder. Does the original picture get uploaded? Does it work to upload avatar pics or pics to the file section? If you can upload pics to the file section and/or upload avatars and they get shown in different sizes on your site, you know at least that the GD extension is working fine.

  • ok thanks for the help but i figured it out it was a setting that was not right  my profile pics are working now thanks again