Problem With My Elgg User Profile Page, and Contact Importer

Please guys, i installed elgg 1.8.6, and everything worked fine, then i tried adding some features but along the line i discovered that the profile page no longer opens properly, i only see the skeletal parts with some links but its no longer beautiful and nicely looking as it were at first. can someone help me out with this please? because am considering pulling it down and reinstalling but i dont want to loose the already registered members accounts.

Moreso i tried to install the contact importer, for elgg 1.8 , but on trial i discovered that its always saying username and password incorect whenever someone tries to import contacts.


Please its urgent.

  • Increasing the 140 character limit:

    Though this is a quite dirty hack. With Elgg 1.9 there might be a easier solution to configure the character limit.

    I don't know about the Contacts Importer plugin. Maybe the best would be to ask about issues on the corresponding download page of this plugin. Then it's more likely that the developer of this plugin will notice your question or other users who had the same issue before and found a solution will see it and answer.

  • Thanks a lot @ iionly, the link really helped, and i have increased the limit, and i also take your advice as regards to the contact impoter plugin, and am giving it a shot.

    Cheers bro.