NC - Widget/Box/Area (based on elgg) on external (none elgg) pages to display and submit related items

Ok this might sound a bit tricky but I'm sure it is possible. I just don't have the time to currently get it done, myself and I'm willing to pay for it as long as I'm able to get a legal invoice from you.

This is what I have:

I have a site that pulls specific information from a database and displays them on a page (based on a simple search). Title and Author. Each dataset has it's own id of course. That page is not part of my elgg installation, however the elgg enigne (<?php
require '../user/engine/start.php';?>) is implemented already.

this is my setup (my site and my database) (elgg installation)


This is what I need:

What I need is a addon/widget/box for elgg that is able to show up on these external page of mine. It  should be displayed with some code.

What the box needs to do is allow users (elgg users) to add stuff that they relate to each of the title/author pages of mine. For example links, places, events, pictures etc... It is a bit different from a normal comment box. And of course for each of my database entries I would need a new box, that can be done with the individual ID. All the information should be saved in the elgg database.

This is how it should work for users:

A user goes to on of my title/author pages. On that page he will see information from my none elgg databse as well as the 'related items' box you create. After logging in to the elgg installation and being redirected to the title/author page he will be able to add stuff to that box himself.

The login procedure is already working.


Who is able to do this? Please give a quote and a timeframe. Also let me know what you need. I'd rather not have somebody working on my server if possible.



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Professional Services

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