How to Block or Ignore a Member?

Hi, I am getting complaints about members of my elgg who wish to block or ignore certain individuals, but I have yet to see a plugin for this. Does anyone know what can be done besides having someone fillout a report or leave feedback? If anyone out there thinks they can make a plugin for this, or implement a way for the user to be able to ignore someone, that would really be cool. Thanks.

  • I want to do the same thing: when a user reports a spammer, obviously, that user does not want to see the spam again.

    I guess it can be done with:

    • an additional relationship: $user, 'blocked', $spammer
    • a plugin hook that filters lists, e.g. in elgg_list_entities, to check for that relationship and skip matching entities.

    I don't know how easy it is to do know, I didn't take the time to investigate yet. The difficulty here is to do it without impacting performance too much. An extra condition straight in the SQL might be useful.

  • Not only spammers, but people who are bugging other people on the network, there needs to be a way where someone can enter a username into a field and click the blacklist button or ignore so they wont be contacted by the person again. I'm glad someone else would like to see this feature, maybe someone out there can easily make a plugin for this, I dont know.

  • I guess it would be considered part of a privacy plugin, so maybe someone who has created privacy plugins could try to do this, im using the latest version of elgg btw if anyone out there attempts this, I do think alot of people who probably install this if someone made one.

  • If it's only the messages you are wanting to block, you could give this plugin a try: It gives the option to restrict sending messages only between friends.

    Making all content from certain other users invisible as an option is far more difficult though.

  • hmm!;) lately, oftentimes..

    i see questions pop up, queries abt such & such elgg feature; and i see ppl like iionly posting replies, comments... exactly the same as - e.g. iionly's comments on same/ similar topics.. like ~400 days ago !;-P

    my question to you all - who do and or will post questions like this one - don't you people like to go to google and search for usefull material.. and most likely find the same questiions and likely much more detailed discussions and answers on your current 'topic of interest' ? there's so much out there ! already asked, already answered, already explained, already resolved...!;)

    try googling 'elgg How to Block or Ignore a Member' = your topic title and the word elgg
    try googling 'elgg enemy system'

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  • IIONLY - I have that plugin installed actually, I do like it, however, what I am looking for here is something that will blacklist a member from posting comments, messages, viewing profile, etc. I am thinking whoever created the friends request app would know how to make a blacklist app. Maybe? I dunno but I know alot of others would probably like this feature available.

  • @DhrupDeScoop that's a nice suggestion, but why don't you link the relevant resources instead of telling people to "google" things? That's a waste of everybody else's time. Everybody knows that looking up stuff on the web prior to asking often yields results... But that's not the point here.

  • lolz ;-o) i am a  'tough teacher' - but the students who listen well do learn to swim well, those that don't listen -- will be the ones that drown; besides - i don't always have spare time to run around (re-) lookingn for those posts form several years back ;) -- if i always did that - then the question posters will learn nothing more than 'how to post questions and wait for smarty-ass-dhrup-de-scoop' to spend *his time doing the research for them, while they sit on their tails, waiting for the handouts. i have cultivated this harsh attitude because --  since december 2008, in all elgg groups - here and @google - i have seen so many leechers and lazy-like people.. it has could never have been a joke. if people want to be serious to learn - they should be prepared to spend *their time for some quality research. so.. e.g. - *i did not get to this good @what i do - by asking *others to do *my learning for me ;-P soo.. especially when this 'itskim' doesnot even seem to want to *acknowledge that i have spent my time already doing serious resaerch for her/him./it - to find relevant answers and... then replies only to 'IIONLY'  - expecting '..whoever created the friends request app..' to bend over backwards and develop some more code. i *know the level of code involved with the 'enemy system' to block other users -- i coded this for or #1 site (see another post for that;) and so.. ;oO;X;P

    PS: googling as above --> (will very quickly goto to all those relevant elgg@comm posts ;-P ... so easy !


  • SCOOP - My internet speed is 56k so it makes it difficult for me to load other sites, so I figured I'd post here, but I have checked those posts already that you had made years ago.  Bits and pieces of partial code isn't going to help me out. I also do not like to edit the code, I prefer to stick to plugins/apps. I had already done some research and posted a new thread because there still is nothing available such as a plugin to get the job done. If you have a system that works, can you implement a plugin to make things easier on my end and all the other people looking for a solution to this privacy issue? I am looking for a way for users to be able to add someone to a blacklist and never hear from them again, seeing the content doesn't matter, would be nice if it blocked that also but as long as they can't comment, private message, or attempt to add as a friend once blacklisted would be cool.

  • Bits and pieces of partial code isn't going to help me out. I also do not like to edit the code, I prefer to stick to plugins/apps

    If examples and broad descriptions of workflow don't do it, and you're not willing to dive into the code, I would suggest you hire someone.