Share your Top 10 plugins

The Elgg plugin directory, for now, isn't as helpful as it could be at leading users toward the best 3rd party plugins available.

Metrics like most downloaded/recommended can be useful, but I personally prefer to see opinionated "top N plugins" lists by other Elgg site owners/devs. I always find gems in these lists that don't happen to get prominent placement in the plugin directory, and of course a lot of devs post quality plugins in online code repositories that they just haven't formally released for whatever reason.

So my suggestion:

  • Make a new page in your user account (go here and hit Add page)
  • Title it "Favorite Plugins" or similar
  • Tag it with "topplugins"
  • List your favorite plugins and optionally a description of what they do and what makes them add so much value to your network or make your life easier :)
  • If you want, post a link to your page in the comments

I see no reason to limit it to 1.8 plugins if there are older plugins you really miss. Some developers are looking for projects to cut their teeth on and reviving useful plugins is a great way to jump into the deep end while earning cred and karma!

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Feedback and Planning

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