installation error

Hi, I am trying to install elgg 1.8 in my server.

But it shows an error message like this.

Web server

  • We think your server is running the Apache web server.

    The rewrite test failed and the most likely cause is that AllowOverride is not set to All for Elgg's directory. This prevents Apache from processing the .htaccess file which contains the rewrite rules.

    A less likely cause is Apache is configured with an alias for your Elgg directory and you need to set the RewriteBase in your .htaccess. There are further instructions in the .htaccess file in your Elgg directory.

  • How can i solve it...
  • go to /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf and check to see if your directory path is set to None. If it is set to none set it to All. This should get rid of the error. I am assuming you have ssh access and have root privileges. 

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