LDAP Authentication

I activated ldap_auth plugin but on logging in I am getting an error "Unable to create the user - contact system administrator". I checked apache logs,its communicating with the ldap server but failing to create an account. Any idea whats going wrong.

Also, is there any properly working ldap authentication plugin for elgg 1.8.8

  • Any update with this? I'm getting the same error  ... 

  • Last time I had this problem I managed to find three separate reasons:

    1. Some of the LDAP usernames were only three characters whereas the default minimum for Elgg is four. That I fixed by adding in engine/settings.php:

    $CONFIG->minusername = 3;

    2. One of the users didn't have email at all in LDAP

    3. One user had an email that had already been registered for an existing account (by default Elgg does not allow duplicate emails)

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