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how to post image to river like facebook 

  • I guess by posting images to the river you mean to include images in postings made with the wire plugin. To allow for including images you would need to modify the wire plugin considerably: increase the number of characters per message to a much higher number, allow for html code to be included in wire messages, allow for embedding (with the embed plugin) of images...

    Well, on the other hand Elgg is not Facebook. Elgg has the blog plugin which is intended for longer messages above 140 characters. You can embed images in blog postings and also have more layout options for your messages compared to wire postings (or Facebook status messages). Blogs entires won't be shown completely in the river but only a short excerpt. You could increase the number of characters to show a larger portion of a blog in the excerpt in the river. But again: Elgg is not Facebook. The river is meant to serve as a summary of recent activities. If you want to read a blog entry, a discussion posting or a page posting as a whole you can easily do so by clicking on the link that will bring you to the entry. Of course, you might be able to modify Elgg to serve as an exact copy of Facebook regarding its look. But I think it's not worth the effort: Facebook's offers the messages / postings in a narrow column without an optional "full page" view. That's not really suitable for longer texts at all.