Search tool for elgg based on tags

Hi, I'm brand new to elgg, but I hope I will not say too much stupid things...

I know something about CSS, HTML, PHP, MYSQL; I know what I want from my elgg istance but I'd like an advertise on the right way to achieve it.

- I want my user to upload contents (text, images, video - maybe links to youtube video, songs) using predefinited tags

- I want set up a search page with all the predefinite tags in order to make a quick and simple tag-based search on all the database (username should be one of the possible tag, too)

- I want the search result to be shown like in a slideshow (for picture) or a playable list (for videos or music)

What is the better way to achieve this? a plugin for elgg? the use of API? There is already something I can use "as is"?

Thank you!

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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