Search tool for elgg based on tags

Hi, I'm brand new to elgg, but I hope I will not say too much stupid things...

I know something about CSS, HTML, PHP, MYSQL; I know what I want from my elgg istance but I'd like an advertise on the right way to achieve it.

- I want my user to upload contents (text, images, video - maybe links to youtube video, songs) using predefinited tags

- I want set up a search page with all the predefinite tags in order to make a quick and simple tag-based search on all the database (username should be one of the possible tag, too)

- I want the search result to be shown like in a slideshow (for picture) or a playable list (for videos or music)

What is the better way to achieve this? a plugin for elgg? the use of API? There is already something I can use "as is"?

Thank you!

  • you can use izap's tag autocomplete plugin to restrict the tags that people input into the site to a set list.. 
    you can edit the page /tags/all that already exists in elgg to display the tags..
    you can use the tag_cumulus plugin to alter the way the tags are rendered 
    another plugin also exists called photo_cumulus that will display photos in an animation..

    that's as much as i know.. i would also like to see the search results page evolved to allow direct playback of videos and visibility of images. 

  • thank you for your answer but:

    - autocomplete plugin is ok, but it seems it doesn't avoid the creation of unwanted new tags, does it?

    - thanks, it's interesting

    - tag_cumulus is a fancy way to show tags... I would prefer to choose a custom matrix aspect 


    I'm studing API in order to extract search results from a totally custom page: it seems the most flexible way to me, by now...

    Once I have access to data, I will find the best solution in the world to show the content, I hope...

  • autocomplete does have the option of not allowing new tags to be added, i don't have it installed presently to refer to, but i know it does that.

  • mmm trouble with iZAP Elgg Bridge 2.1 ...

    I don't even know if it's possible to register it on localhost. However I can't

  • ah yes, i'm not sure how that works.. you might find some comments on the izap site about how to run the bridge on localhost

  • what you want to do -->
    1)  '.. upload contents (text, images, video..) using predefinited tags
    2)  '.. set up a search page with all the predefinite tags.. quick.. tag-based search..'
    3)  '.. shown like in a slideshow (for picture) or a playable list (for videos or music)..'

    ==> you should look at using System Wide Categories for starters to use in your Custom Search Page; However the rest of what you want (#3) will take a fair bit of effort to develop the code.. ;o) There is nothing already available that can do what you want and that iZap thingy will not quite cut it. 


  • In addition to underline my poor english :D, could you provide some link about your suggestions? elgg search is very unfriendly, indeed :/

  • "System Wide Categories" is a built-in Elgg PlugIn (comes with the core Elgg) - go in as Admiin and enable this PlugIn - then we will need to specify/type-in your Specific Categories for the System to use for 'extra' taggng' on all *new Entities, After that - those entities (or objects) can be then searched via the 'System Wide Categories'. It's not that hard, but you will need to spend some time experimenting to see how it behaves for you. Then you can see what more code you will need to develop to make all that more personal and customized for your own special needs.

  • thank you, I'm working with this plugin in order to better understand.

  • should be able to use existing Categories PlugIn code pieces to re-create as menu item/s on main Site Menu to allow direct click and search via system categories -->


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