No sidebar in mobile navigation

I have a big problem: I have a plugin with sidebar and I activated Mobilize but when I use mobile browser it doesn't show the sidebar, but only the body.

I tried Mobile plugin as well but in that case the sidebar takes the 80% of the display and the body is very tight.

Could you help me please?

  • Hi' guys...........!

    I'm not sure with my experience, but in my opinion, for a mobile plugin does not display the sidebar, this is a minimalist concept adopted by the plugins ..

    But I have a little trick to make these plugins can display the sidebar:

    1. You need to install a plugin widget-manager, make sure that the configuration of the widget-manager uses two columns and turn only to the user who logged.

    2. Enable simple-cache, so css is adopted from that used for the desktop theme.

    I've tried the plugin Mobilize, in my opinion is not good. Currently I use mobile plugins from Kramnorth, and pretty good it looks ..image

    please check my website, use the mobile to check.:
    my ELGG sites :

  • Thanks for your help, which plugin do you sugguest me for the 1. and how could I enable simple-cache ??
    Thank you!!