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Hello Guys ,

I am looking for a tool that can allow me to

browse, edit and modify my web site pages (online) .

without having to download the whole thing and modify offline

Please advice

Thanks and Kind Regards.


  • What you need is a CMS software. Use Elgg (if you need a SN out of box), drupal, wordpress, joomla, ModX or see the list @ 

  • Thanks , it is put toghether very well :)

    but I am looking for somthing like MS frontpage , but to perform the changes and edits online.

    all of the availble tools only detects html files and php.

    Please advice

    Thanks and Kind Regards.



  • @Boudy

    Your best shot is using Adobe Dreamweaver, and connect it to your live elgg site. I do that on a daily basis. Dreamweaver lets you edit it online and also you can preview the changes in Dreamweaver

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @rjcalifornia Thank you so much .. I will try this today.

  • Morning Guys,

    I am still unable to actually edit anything in the pages, the Dreamweaver seem to only play with little html, I cannot even move any buttons menus or even background colour.

    Is everything hard coded in the database?

    I tried everything the past 6 days, nothing but a total failure L

    Please assist me

    Thank You.

    Kind Regards



  • An Elgg site is no simple webpage that only consists of html with a little CSS styles. It's a highly complex framework that includes a lot of php, JS, html etc. Elgg has its code structure that makes it possible to modify it and adjust it to your needs, if you have some knowledge about php, html etc. and if you have understood its structure and how to create a simple Elgg plugin. There's no style information saved in the database. It's all in the code of Elgg (in its views), but you need to spend some time to learn about that.

    I don't think you will find any software tool that will allow you to change the look of Elgg in the way you are looking for by simply offering you a WYSIWYG interface. If you want to create your own custom theme I would suggest to set up an Elgg installation locally on your computer where you have easy access to the source code and are able to make modification (and errors) without breaking your real Elgg site. Learn how to make your theme an Elgg plugin (you might want to start with any exisiting Elgg theme as a starting point).  Without spending some time to learn and to actually create your theme it won't work though.

  • Hi iionly ,

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, I will do the same as you have advised , I will share my experience with you once I am done .


    Kind Regards


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