Problems uploading big files

Hi, I have a problem to properly configure the "htaccess_dist" to upload files of 200MB eh I passed through several discussions with this same problem but none works, alone with 7MB Uploader how I can fix this?.


  • it also needs to changed in your php settings.  Changing it in htaccess isn't enough on its own.  Lastly you need to make sure the form itself isn't limiting the size of uploaded files.

  • I just saw that my upload_max_filesize is 150 MB as it adjusted to the htaccess

  • Apart from upload_max_filesize you should also increase post_max_size accordingly. Also, max_input_time and max_execution_time might need to be increased for the upload and processing to finish.

    It also depends on your server configuration, if you can adjust these php variables via .htaccess at all. You can check the current values of upload_max_filesize and post_max_size on the server info tab in the admin section of your site (Elgg 1.8). If the values don't change when you adjust them in .htaccess, you need to set the values in php.ini of your server config.

  • You may check your current configuration at admin panel:

    Administer->Statistics->Server info

    There are values for "POST maximum size" and "Upload maximum size". Minimum is your max possible file to upload as iiony mentioned.

  • I'll check, thanks for the replies so fast