Group Album with Flash Uploader

I am getting a permissions error when trying to upload a photo to a group album created by someone else. The error is "Unable to save a new objects base entitiy information" and its a 1.8.8 install with Tidypics 1.8.0-rc1

Basic uploader works fine..

Tested on my debugging instance with just core 1.8.8 and tidypics plugin. 


  • Anyone got any thoughts on this problem ?

  • same problem here, looking for solution, hopefully someone can help.

  • there is also  "HTTP error" on flash uploader at firefox and opera. On chrome/ie works ok. (but still the problem with "Unable to save a new objects base entitiy information" when trying to upload photos to albums belond to another user (works fine with regular basic uploader) regardless of browser.

  • Here I am confused, As in group also you should not able to upload the image to other album because this is permission issue as in tidypics you don’t have option to upload the album created by someone else i.e "users can allow other users to add photos to their album" Even i am working on tidypics and having issue with flash uploaded will let you know if got any solution