Issues with the editor

Hi all,

I have an issue which is baffling to me.  On my 1.8.8 site members are unable to paste content in their posts.  This used to work but I'm not sure what has happened.  While in the editor when one copies from word, powerpoint or a formatted document and pastes it looks fine but once posted nothing shows.  I copied a jpeg image from the Internet and was able to paste it and view it but a word document with formatting that includes graphs and tables will not display.  I see some of the text but not the whole document and certainly no graphs and tables.  Before, I had a blog post in which I pasted screen captures to illustrate my subject and it displayed well.  I replaced tinyMCE with tinyMCE Extended 1.8 but the result is the same.

It's very frustrating.  I don't see anything in the logs that will tell me what is happenning.  The only things I did recently was to install Profile manager, roles and roles for profile manager plugins.  To make upload users work I applied the patch to access.php in engine/lib.

Could any of these actions have cause this problems?