How to install Arrowchat completly

So I installed arrowchat, and everything went well. However I have no clue where I must place the header and footer codes specifically. It says on header.php and footer.php after the </head> tag and before the </body> tag but for one I can't seem to find it and second the footer/header editor plugins don't work either.

On the arrowchat admin page side everything is running smoothly, please anyone!

  • @Matt I did indeed try it, it failed to function, like I stated previously. That was actually the first thing I did.

  • after you did that, did you check your page source to see if the script was making it into the final output?

  • @Matt Yeah, it was actually an issue with the theme I was running, but now I'm getting a sql error:

    MySQL Error Number : 1064
    MySQL Error Message : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'avatar, elgg_users_entity.username link, arrowchat_status.message, arrowchat_sta' at line 1

    Can anyone input on this error?


  • Here's the code that apparently has a formatting issue:

    $sql = ("
    SELECT DISTINCT " . TABLE_PREFIX . DB_USERTABLE . "." . DB_USERTABLE_USERID . " userid, " . TABLE_PREFIX . DB_USERTABLE . "." . DB_USERTABLE_NAME . " username, arrowchat_status.session_time lastactivity, " . TABLE_PREFIX . "entities." . DB_USERTABLE_AVATAR . " avatar, " . TABLE_PREFIX . DB_USERTABLE . "." . DB_USERTABLE_NAME . " link, arrowchat_status.message, arrowchat_status.status
    FROM (SELECT guid_one, guid_two FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "entity_relationships WHERE relationship = 'friend' UNION SELECT guid_two, guid_one FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "entity_relationships WHERE relationship = 'friend') friends
    ON friends.guid_two = " . TABLE_PREFIX . DB_USERTABLE . "." . DB_USERTABLE_USERID . "
    LEFT JOIN " . TABLE_PREFIX . "entities
    ON " . TABLE_PREFIX . "entities.guid = " . TABLE_PREFIX . DB_USERTABLE . "." . DB_USERTABLE_USERID . "
    LEFT JOIN arrowchat_status
    ON " . TABLE_PREFIX . DB_USERTABLE . "." . DB_USERTABLE_USERID . " = arrowchat_status.userid
    WHERE friends.guid_one = '" . $db->escape_string($userid) . "'
    AND (arrowchat_status.session_time + 60 + " . $online_timeout . ") > " . time() . "

    return $sql;

  • this cannot help at all ;) you've posted the php code that generates the sql code where your error happens. try posting the actual sql ! you could at least do some research on your own in your time time so that you kinda know what code is and where to find relevant code and know what you're dealing with ;-P otherwise. it might another two days before you figure out whether it an ' issue with the theme you are runnnng ' or not ;-)

  • well might as well just tell me where i can find that code, and we can resolve the issue thusly. that would be more productive than telling me off... ;-P

  • you will find the sql code on your website / system - when the error happens - that sql code does not exist anywhere until the moment of error !;-) and only you will know where the sql code is at that time on your system, nobody else ;) what more do you want ? no one else is looking at your screen and your site's code! so we can all guide you, but we cannot hold your hand all the way ;-P nor write the code for you to fix your errors, can we ?

    you have to spend some time to learn s that you can provide the correct information if you want to be helped properly ;) ' well might as well just tell me where i can find that code, and we can resolve the issue thusly.. ' ?? you're biting the hand that is offering to feed you lolz ;-P:)

    hasta nunca ;oO

  • @Alex G. Alicea, since you brought chat, ask arrowchat team to install it for you simple..

  • Equipe Webgalli 

    Copie o arquivo elgg / views / default / page / elementos / head.php no mod / yourtheme / views / default / page / elements / head.php e, em seguida, cole o script. Ou você pode dar uma olhada neste plug-in e ver como cabeça é prorrogado.