Required help to create new social networking site



I want to have one social networking site. i have seen lot of softwares for this. And at last i liked two one Elgg and other Buddypress. I have gone to lot of research on website and after that i have two major question in my mind which are for elgg.


1. Wheather Elgg is the SEO compliant or not.

2. How  much it is possible for good theme customization. As i liked the elgg as engine. It is really good one. i tried to make some site with all free tools and plugin. but thing is look and feel of the site is not that much good.

Request your input on this.

  • ad 1. Elgg is optimized in terms of SEO, although you would want to use help of SEO specialist if you want to make a website really well optimized

    ad 2. There are no limitations to how you would like to customize your theme. For a request I can send you some examples of customizations in PM, you couldn't guess it's Elgg. You would need a good graphic designer and CSS coder to implement some custom look though, OS themes look more or less similar to each other.

Professional Services

Professional Services

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