Add new plugin version after deleted the last one


I uploaded my first little plugin and forgot to remove a testfile... So I remove the version and wanted to upload the fixed one, but now I see no option to upload an new Version :/

  • It could be a bug in the repository plugin used here at the site, i.e. the plugin / upload handling does not work anymore when not at least one plugin version is available. I guess it would be necessary to upload the second release first before removing the first release. Maybe it's necessary to upload your plugin as a "new plugin" instead. Or you try to point either Cash, Brett or Evan to the problem via a PM. Maybe they can do something as admins to fix the issue - or at least remove the plugin stub in the plugin list when you opt to use "upload new plugin".

  • Thx! I pm Brett and made a "new plugin", gonna look for always having on release online ;)

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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