Reducing Bandwith

Does anyone out there know what can be done about photos? I don't really use videos on my site, but thats only because I can't seem to find a video player that will actually work and not say 'unrecognised video' with elgg 1.8.8. I am pretty sure my bandwith is getting eaten up quickly because of the images and alot of traffic, and I am using TidyPics Photo Gallery, but is there any chance a plugin out there that will allow images to be hosted elsewhere or something? 8Gigs of bandwith was used today on the cloud server, I believe I have upto 300Gigs for the month total and im not too worried about this month, but what would you recommend to help reduce the bandwith for my site so I don't run into big problems down the road? Is there a tool or plugin that will reduce the image size or convert it automatically after the user has uploaded it? I know I can reduce the allowed size which will help im sure but there has to be an even better way to help reduce bandwith with photos?

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Feedback and Planning

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