How to run testcases in elgg+simpletest?

I am new to elgg-1.8.8.I have created utest folder under mod and activated the utest plugin as given in the following link .It was mentioned, we can run the testcases by clicking "Execute all". I couldn't see "Execute all " option under system diagnostics.

Please help me to run the existing tests in elgg-1.8.8.

  • I don't know about utest plugin, but Elgg has build-in simpletest framework out of the box. So if you forget about utest plugin and enable core 'developers' (Elgg Developper Tools) plugin. Go then to admin panel and in menu choose: Develop->Tools->Unit tests

    Than just click 'Run'.

    HOWEVER: DO, just DO the database backup before running tests. Failed tests can easily corrupt your Elgg database in a way that is very hard to repair. It's MUCH faster to take a minute to do the backup.

    You can add your own tests using this plugin hook: elgg_trigger_plugin_hook('unit_test', 'system', null, array()); /* Should return array of file paths. */

  • In case you consider using PHPUnit we wrote a plugin for running tests in a separate test DB, each test performing the whole elgg start process. The plugin is QBElggTestsForPHPUnit and you can find some documentation about it in