language internationalize issue

I am running elgg 1.8.8 an i m encountering 2 distinct issues with language:

1/ when system cache is turned on elgg only see english language. Others languages translation are not shown anymore in Languages Setting: if the system cach is off i can switch with no problem between English and French. When the system cache is on if i select english language then the French Language selection isn't shown anymore in the Languages Setting option.

2/ elgg.echo issue: when system cache and simple cache are off, translation with elgg.echo in script works perfectly in english and French. If system cache and simple cache are on translation with elgg.echo only works for English language and not for French.

Is it a Core problem ? If yes are those issues going to be resolved...I need my website to work in English an French and I would like to have both caches turned on for performance matter.

Thanks for any response.


  • sounds like a bug, if it's verifiable then it should get resolved.

    Did you create a ticket for it?

  • this language 'out-of-date' sounds awfully familiar; see of i can find another earlier (maybe 1+ months back) post where this might have been mentioned and resolved.


  • yep; ) 1.5 mnths ago; & no need for trac`ng, already @there.

  • thanks a lot for your replies i really appreciate

    As i m not familiar with the trac'ng and ticket process, do i have to find the ticket in the db and check the solution if resolved, or do I have to wait for a new elgg release with the bug resolved ?

    Have you got the number of the ticket ?

    as well the link doesn't work:

    "Traceback (most recent call last):
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  • Yeah Trac is having issues right now.  If you're not sure how to debug it and push the fix upstream the only thing you can really do is wait for the fix.  With trac down I'm not sure of the status of that bug.

  • hi

    Can u help me in which ticket i can find the solution of these 2 issues: (is it a solution for the issue #1 ?) 

    for issue #2 is this a solution ?:

    I can manage to write elgg plugin but i'm not an expert in caching architecture.

    I would like to launch my site very soon and it's in French and english. for now I have to run it with simple and system cache off :(

    Thanks in advance 


  • I have installed elgg 1.8.9 and the system cache issue and language setting is still there. We cannot select foreign language in the language setting when system cache is on. What is the number of the ticket associated to that bug ?

    concerning the elgg.echo bug it works now thanks to sembrestels