Connecting to Database Everything Breaks

I created a new Elgg site and database last Wednesday.  It was all working fine until today, when randomly it just started throwing up an Internal Server Error.  The logs say "Premature end of script headers: index.php" but I haven't changed or modified anything?

I created another clean new install of Elgg and connected it to the same database. Afterwards, it too started throwing the same exact error, so I'm thinking some sort of database problem?  But I can connect to the database just fine.

What could have happened?

  • if you have an internal server error without take away any file, it will probably an a hosting problem, because of your server (normally shared) it's getting overload

    On dreamhost, the same thing happened, what i did its to activate a crontrigger and the garbbagecollector, the problem suddenly dissapear. But i think it was because i submitted a tiket to my hosting company

    Excuse my english, but i'm not from US