Language Pack for Polish

Is there a Polish translation for Elgg 1.8? I would like to add it to my Elgg Translation Portal. Can anyone help with this? It is very easy and quick to translate on the website and it would be a simpler way to offer the Polish language to Elgg users...

  • I doing some translation.. but it most time in progress.. also.. installing more and more plugins.. so its going long

    maby someday i will upload it hire.. maby i will sell it.. its gets lots of my time.. so u can understand why i, or more people don't upload it yet.

    Polish language is hard to translate. Second important information is that lots of Polish people wants to have all without work, or pay.. so we usually don't share that what our hands done.

    Think u understand.


  • Elgg is being translated on Transifex.

    Polish is also there, and the core is at 47% atm.

  • Great.. u have 30 day trial.. after all pay... or do next acount..



  • No, not to translate. Elgg allready has an account there. Just sign up and translate.

  • Core itself is mostly finished, though there are some inherited inconsistencies (from 1.7 conventions apparently) that need to be tracked down and fixed. Translation should be pretty good apart from that. I'm using it on community site and core stuff looks well (custom community plugins are not translated). Docs translations missing are artificially lowering percentage and I personally have no interest in maintaining Polish docs translation.