Other vs Elgg if found on google.

i found on google about others vs elgg http://othersvselgg.wordpress.com/ please tell me which cms should i use? because my website is large so there is migration problem please advice me that which cms is better Thanks in advanced

  • This is a frank list of Elgg pros/cons I made awhile back for a coworker (developer).
    • lots of functionality out of the box
    • experienced devs can change nearly anything via plugin, sometimes very easily
    • PHP API pretty clean and documented
    • great dev community with responsive core devs
    • bundled plugins lack polish & include NO documentation
    • almost no AJAX in bundled plugins, JS API is poorly/undocumented
    • lots of undocumented conventions, views, etc.
    • plugin order is an important setting and useful sites tend to have 50+ plugins
    • requires experimental plugin to define ordered lists of entities
    • no roles beyond "admin", and access system makes adding one difficult
    • without roles, sites tend to have too many admins with too much power
    • admin user mgmt tools are crude
    • single "name" field for users
    • bundled plugins don't allow transferring ownership of groups/objects
    • built-in class autoloader is crap
    • built-in notification system sends email in real-time: known to suck when groups/friend lists become large 
  • "plugin order is an important setting and useful sites tend to have 50+ plugins"

    You can counter this with plugin_order, I just uploaded newest version here.

    To be honest, none of the points you listed are critical for me (probably since I don't use Elgg out of the box). Performance was critical, although I found workaround.