Other vs Elgg if found on google.

i found on google about others vs elgg http://othersvselgg.wordpress.com/ please tell me which cms should i use? because my website is large so there is migration problem please advice me that which cms is better Thanks in advanced

  • haha, it's mr. buddypress - he found himself a wordpress blog.  Now all he needs is to learn English, though that might require him to "get his hands dirty".


    Anyway, that blog has no useful information, just inflammatory BS.  What's your question/concern Hannibal?

  • that website has no useful information, just garbage and completely biased lol. have elgg a try and see if you like it or not.

  • hmmm?!;o

    In my professional involvement and time with elgg - since mid 2008 -

    I have not seen this stuff kind of before ;o( though I have learned to take the best out of even criticisms directed towards thaose and thast which I love dearly.

    However, some of the issues listed @there might have relevance @here;
    it may sound 'sad' to read such comments about elgg; but we have to
    take the bad with the good. One aspect seems to have been quite clear
    for some time lately -- the so-called core-dev-team -- have not seen around here;
    being active in any respect.. as if they are either on vacation, sick & infirmed in hospital,
    too busy woth day-to-life or.. just do not care any more...?!;o) who knows ? :==>

    I -- for my part, in my own time, do try to do and deliver the best possible of thios elgg world for all users, even (sometimes) at the expense of mistaken intentions and language and -- All almost all of my $clients know just how they will get treated with respect to code wuality that I create/ re-arrange. and  --- I have rarely 'let-down' clients -- only those who have tended to become real pests withincessant demand for 'more, 'more, 'more' ... in regard to quantity on features *after agreements were sealed. and - I have no shame or feelings of inferiority to say that I have also been cheated by client(s) out of approx usd$15,000 - yep ! but still.. I plod on.. to deliver and defend the true love of my IT life => elgg.

    Some comments in that blog - I can empathize with -- ' not respect their Community Members..' -
    core dev team have several times 'chastised' me !;-) of all people, against some larrikin
    personalities handing out here from time-to-time; e.g. people who have used garbage phrases such as 'wanker' against me or made comments about my wife and my mother !?? what kind of core dev team member human does not ban such people permanently, but chooses to send me PM's about my attitudes ?? As if people in general just are too blind to see that I *do have rather weird twisted sense of humor.. thougth could never really maliciously intend some of the phrases that I post here about the elgg learning curve !;) lolz ;-oO;X;P get a real humor-ridden life ! and learn to smile and laugh at yourselves as weel with others here.. or cry alone because the universe will not sympathise !;-P


    Elgg is going down day by day no active developers its time to migrate to Buddypress
    October 7, 2012

    Elgg is going down day by day no active developers its time to migrate to Buddypress
    Which is better: Elgg, BuddyPress?
    October 7, 2012

    Elgg is more a framework and less a product. It has a steep learning curve and has the social aspect at the heart of the software. But once you get the hang of it, it is a pretty powerful piece of kit. But you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty if you have requirements that go beyond what is offered out-of-the-box.

    Buddypress is more product than framework. It has the heart of WordPress and looks prettier and is probably easier than Elgg to run. If you don’t have the coding/development chops, this is probably the easiest.

    in my opinion BuddPress is best
    Other Opensource Social Platforms is Straight Different from Elgg how?
    June 25, 2012

    Other Opensource Social Platforms is Straight Different from Elgg did you Know how?
        Elgg Administrator some of not all did not respect their Community Members.
        Many of Elgg Plugins is out of date.
        Blogs Plugin is really make me shit.
        One thing Elgg Plugins Developers do not giving support.


  • Hannibal Smith

    i think i need to use elgg because it is fast and many components and others don't have these type of beautiful components.

  • As Dhrup said, the major issue at the moment is the disappearance of core devs. I find it baffling actually. The lunatics are taking over the asylum!

  • I've used Buddy Press and JomSocial, and I find elgg better because it is 'easier' to develop themes, plugins than on those platforms.

    Elgg Community is very active, unlike Buddy Press, and we have a wide variety of cool developers such as Dhrup, Mark, Matt, Jeroem, Kevin, iionly, Aquila, etc

    If you want to read an unbias review about elgg and its alternatives, you could read this blog I wrote:



  • @rodolfo:

    be serious & get real !!
    ' elgg eCommunity is very active.. ??

    where are the core.team.devs ??? did they move to a different town ? or to a different 'cms' ? got fired ? found a better job ? got married ? ain't backk from the honeymoon ? contracted lukemia ? got arrested for dui`s -->  the 'activity' in this community is like draculas' fave hangout.. !

    i may have the most substantive experience amongst anyone here that codes with egg; but that don't q.exactly make me @cool nor even @variety; the others you listed are q.welcome to claim & grab the titles & fame & glory;o;x lolz ;oO

    my comments above on mr.buddypress.blog contents are q.fair & unbiased &&.. i've worked w/ maybe 30 - 40 different cms styled platforms, pkgs and what-nots. soo maybe i oughta know a little bitty bit @somethangz, somewhere..

    this community is d.y.i.n.g and needs a new core.team, a new name, new directions.. it's gotta change or die, wither away..;x;o;x;.;.;

  • @ dhrup, i still think you are cool  :p

  • I agree dhrup. Who runs elgg.org? Who can actually implement changes? I contacted Brett a while ago and received no response

  • @Dhrup yes me too :)

    What I meant by active is this. You know us interacting, sometimes solving problems together. Let's look at you for example, you are helping Mark with his bidding plugin. You are somehow active, so are the others. The core team are part of the community, we make the community alive.

    I agree with a new direction and  a brand new strategy, but until they allow more people to be part of the elgg team (not core) this will change.

    Elgg needs:

    -Community Managers

    -Community Moderators

    -Plugins/Themes Moderators

    -Moderators Moderators


    Why? So the Core Team can focus on new elgg releases. And yes, it is true, they are gone. Evan is working at Google.