How to add "Register" and "Lost Password" in the login form

i am using elgg 1.8.8 and i have kept my site open to all. But i the login form on the right "register" and "lostpassword" link is missing. this link is available in the login drop down at the top of the page.

How can i bring these link on the main page.???


Attachment: This is how my login page looks like highlited in red. As you can see both the links are missing. Please help.

Login Page


Thanks in advance....

  • they're not missing ;)
    the 'silly' theme you're using is hiding those ;)

  • Hmmm, I believe I'm not hinding anything like this in Bright Theme... I don't know what's the problem. Maybe it's because Elgg is at version 1.8.8 and my theme was created around 1.8.1? There might be some differences since then.

    Can you see the links with the default theme?

    Can you see the corresponding lines of the links in your source code?

  • hmmm ;O maybe not ;) but something has got a display:none in there ;o( some other plugin.. ?


  • @easy82

    yes it is appearing in default theme.

    and i just checked... there is a Registar and Lost Password links in your source code but its not visible in the main page.

    my site:

  • @easy82 No, I've been using your theme and registration and lost password appears.


    @happygupta Are you using any third party plugin? Is the theme at the bottom of the plugin list page?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @Hg: the problem is some other plugin is hiding the display of that particular content. Open your site in inspect element of chrome and check the style for the corresponding html. 

  • This happens to be my favorite theme. I am using it with Elgg 1.8.8 and 'Register' & 'Lost Password' links are perfectly visible. regards.

  • Here is the list of plugins activated for my site....

    Blog 1.8
    Site Pages 1.8
    File 1.8.1
    Garbage Collector 1.5
    Groups 1.8
    HTMLawed 1.8
    Invite Friends 1.8
    Likes 1.8
    Log Browser 1.8
    Log Rotate 1.5
    Members 1.8
    Messages 1.8
    Notifications 1.7
    Profile 1.8
    Reported Content 1.8
    Search 1.8
    The Wire 1.8
    TinyMCE 1.8
    User Validation by Email 1.8
    Zaudio 1.8
    Advanced Google Tools 1.8
    Chat 1.8.0
    Disable More Menu 1.8
    disikes 1.8
    Event Calendar 0.85
    File Tools 1.0
    Friend request 3.2
    galliComments 1.1
    Group Chat 1.8
    Member Selfdelete 1.1
    River Addon 2012.08.19
    Target Blank 2.0
    Videos 1.4
    Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.8.0-rc1
    phloorFlipwall 1.8-12.01.09
    Phloor Sponsor 1.8-11.12.06
    Phloor Sponsor Flip Wall 1.8-11.11.21
    Bright Theme 1.1.1

  • @happy gupta: it seems the links are only missing in the login area in the right column while they visible when using the topbar login. Out of interest I've just checked the Bright theme and River addon plugins on a test site. These plugins do NOT add a login area anywhere in the sidebar but there's still the normal login widget on the starting page. So, I wonder if you have modified the code on your own or are using any code that has been modified by anyone else. Anyway, the "Register" and "Lost password" links are missing simply because they were forgotten in the modified code.

  • Its working... i disabled the River Addon and it started showing both the links below the login box... :D

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