Auctions plugin - just an illusion?

I can swear I have seen such a plugin in the plugin section. But I can not find it anymore. Was I daydreaming?

  • Short comment.

    @Steve Clay, you wrote:

    "Elgg store would reduce that risk (..), but again it comes down to time resources"

    I think introducing a store is not a problem of writing a script. We could set up a high quality, well tested store script for in a matter of a few days. Running store shouldn't be a problem as well  as it could be self sustained (you only need a good TOS). I think mostly influence of store on how is perceived and used is a problem.

    Disclaimer: I don't want to participate in a whole discussion about influence of Elgg Store on the community, I'm tired of it and in my opinion Brett is already convinced to his point of view, which won't change.

  • So much excitement!

    I appreciate everyone's desire to see this community do well. The reason I haven't been as involved is multi-facted, but I'll say I have a growing family (2nd son is on his way!) and very little spare time -- what I have is spent developing for the Elgg sites I manage. Currently I'm working on getting AngularJS + RequireJS going inside Elgg to make the UI a little slicker. This also has a nice side effect of forcing me to implement a really nice JSON API. Will release a plugin if possible after launch.