Auctions plugin - just an illusion?

I can swear I have seen such a plugin in the plugin section. But I can not find it anymore. Was I daydreaming?

  • everything was free until you agreed that it isn't.

  • that was a short answer as my mouth is full of free food :)

  • Even though I have yet to even attempt writing a paid plugin, the reason I would vote for a centralized 'Elgg store' is exactly what İşöğünçı said - supply and demand.  We know there's a demand for Elgg plugins, and there's a certain supply here on the community.  Some developers want to make money with a resale model, which is fine, but they currently have to take that elsewhere.  People who want plugins come here, if they don't find what they want they're stuck either writing their own (which they may be unable to do) or hiring someone to write a new plugin for them.  They may be losing out on purchasing a plugin that does what they need for cheaper (cheaper because it sells multiple copies), and the original dev loses out on a sale if they can't be found.  With fewer sales, the original dev puts less maintenance/enhancements into the plugin, and you're left with multiple mediocre plugins that do more or less the same thing.  More sales of the plugin for the original dev means more money and motivation for enhancements and maintenance - better quality plugin.

    An 'Elgg Store' would simply bring all of those paid plugins that are scattered among the backwater pages of the internet (no offense, I just thought it sounded good) into a central visible location where people could find them and make a decision on if they want to pay for it or not.  Add in some rating/feedback systems and we could have some crowd-sourced information about which plugins and which devs are most trusted (kind of tying the two threads together here).

  • everything is free until you agreed that it isnt.....hmmm the new 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang just rolled out, think i will go to the local car lot and pick up my free car.

  • you may find you need to do more than you think to reveal the free-ness of all that is, however, i assure you, you can drive a car like that without paying for it and without being hunted by donut eaters.
    you would however, be burning oil and polluting my planet. so i prefer you don't for our lungs' sake.. though thankfully i have enough oxygen not to pay steve for it. :)

  • @Matt That's the idea, an Elgg Store.

    This has been discussed for quite some time and several times. However neither of the core developers seem to agree with that idea, and that's why we soooo many 'elgg stores' in soooo many places, which is bad 'cause you can get scam.

    If the idea of hosting a commercial plugin repository within the community is ever accepted, I think it will have to be like Apple App Store, in which apps are reviewed before going live, and the foundation will have to get about 1.29% of each sale.

    @Ura Let's stick to the talk in a non sarcastic manner



  • there will never be an elgg store here in this community.

    giving any kind of commercial support to developers means exactly nothing when their family is at stake.

    so -- stop dreaming that the elgg core team iexists to help ya'lll pay your rent, groceries, take care & feed your families ;)

    it's all about the philosophy of gpl and open source. if you don't like that fact then you don't release it here under gpl.


  • How have elgg policy changes worked in the past? I think we all agree on having an elgg store. There seems to be a certain apathy from the core developers regarding the advancement of elgg. Just recently a Dutch website, Pleio, based on elgg, won a pretigious award. So it's not as if elgg is obsolete. It should change and keep up with the times. How have policy changes come about in the past?

  • @ura I am not feeling the vibrational love here! and by visiting your bliss I see that it needs moola to operate, it is not free as the food in your mouth visit for all to see the hypocrisy 

    btw this is a beautiful elgg site i must say :)