Auctions plugin - just an illusion?

I can swear I have seen such a plugin in the plugin section. But I can not find it anymore. Was I daydreaming?

  • I agree Mark. How much of your work and other's great ideas and plugins have been re-engineered and discreetly released as commercial work on the other side ( My suggestion is that you capitalize on the lack of elgg support, much like other devs have done here including Thematic. Build a beautiful landing page outside of elgg. House your free and non-GPL product on that site. House your GPL plugins here for the added exposure. Use other means to advertise too, Twitter and Facebook are great resources you can use. Stay positive, work will come and not always elgg type work, ask Dhrup as he, I know, just completed a project that had nothing to do with elgg but was contacted via his working knowledge here on elgg.

  • @steve - yeah I've built an elgg store (very basic) and been tweeting/facebooking (though i definitely need to do more). its coming nowhere in gogole search though so thats something i need to look in to.

    I still think there could be a paid plugins section ala wordpress. I dont know what there are so many objections to this. It keeps devs on the platform and therefore there will be more free plugins.

    Yep elgg isn't only platform we work with, last 2 projects have been in Yii.

    @İşöğünçı - Im working with Dhrup to release a GPL version soon. Hopefully it will interface with his own Simple Commerce plugin nicely


  • @Michele - yes, I will have the auctions plugin back soon. If more devs/users had your ethics we wouldn't have any problems:)

  • seems to be more on providing easy-to-setup social networks as a service. So it does not seem to be appropriate for selling plugins (unless extra plugins are also included in the monthly charge - It will be a bit complicated I guess.)

    Developers selling their plugins via their own siites only scatters the already small market further and there will be issues with attracting traffic and people trusting their credit card info.

    There is Actually it is another developer site with a cleverly generic name (I do not know how they manage to use Elgg in their name, as I guess it is trademarked by Elgg). It is a good concept and seems to be set up by Cubet technologies. I know people who bought things from them and seem reasonably content. I am hearing they are not very responsive to inquiries though.

    To me, section seems to be the best place for people to present their work and get rewarded for their work. As a result, it will most likely increase the supply of plugins which in turn make the Elgg market bigger. There is no reason why paid plugins should not be listed next to free ones. In such a case, I believe should get some percentage of the sale as a commission.


  • @Iso:-  LOLZ ;-P ' reasonably content.. '  ? hahahahh! he is $seliing (smart idea!) his previous plugins$ which were almost all GPL @here before he got banned forever for using 'ellg;' in his domain names...! ;o) he copies content & text from to use on his own 'elgg.XX' sites... awww boyyy !! 

  • what ever happened to the pre-funding idea?  i remember there seemed to be a lot of support for it.


  • @Mark - if you release a new one with Dhrup you're going to run into the same thing though right?  You can't control other people, and everyone's out for a buck - especially when e-commerce is involved.  Anyway, great job on the plugins - it takes time to build a up a reputation, just keep at it.  I too would be in favour of a paid plugins section if it was put up to a vote, but if we can't change the system we have to work within it.  The trick is getting paid clients to ok you to release the plugins you make for them - I'm very lucky that Athabascau University is an avid community supporter otherwise my portfolio on here would be significantly less.

  • You seem to assume that we can not change the system. Is the system so rigid?

  • I wasn't assuming we can't change the system - just stating that's not how the system is currently and previous attempts at changing the system in that direction have failed.  To change the system you have to convince the people who control the system - that's Brett/Cash/Evan/Steve to the best of my knowledge.  As I said, if given the chance I would vote in favor of it.

  • @Mark

    I have no problems with people adapting our GPL plugin/themes. I heard from a lot of elgg network owners that I shall not name that are using my themes, but paid other developers to enhance them or upgrade them to 1.8

    For me that doesn't bug me. I'm glad people are using our themes, even on complex elgg networks. It makes us feel proud that they are using our GPL products :)

    As far of selling plugins and themes, it could go either way. For us is going pretty well. Sales on our store cannot pay bills and rent, because we use paypal and we cannot withdraw money from Paypal in my country El Salvador. So the money was sitting there for months, until we decided to buy cool stuffs, such as my new mac, xbox 360 and xbox 360 games, cameras, tablet pcs, etc. off ebay.

    Have you been tweeting your store? Have you been using the #elgg hashtag? I check Twitter every 6 hours and yet cannot find your tweets.

    It is hard at the beginning. It will take time. My recommendation is to keep the good work and release plugins as 'alpha' versions just in case they need to be taken down for having 'too many bugs' ;) ;) ;) =D

    About the Professional Group post, well, that's bad. If I were to need that plugin enhanced I will contact you as soon as possible. If you didn't respond I would have to find another developer, but otherwise it is better to contact the original developer if you are looking for enhancements.