what's happening with Elgg 1.9?

Does anyone know the release date for Elgg 1.9? I don't see core developers here anymore and no info on the plans for Elgg...

  • 1.9 have the same theme structure as 1.8? or should i stop developing my new theme and wait for 1.9?

  • 1.9 will have a very similar theme structure - enough that I think upgrading from 1.8 -> 1.9 would be very simple if there are any incompatibilities

  • Thanks for all your feedback about 1.9. I checked out the links, and there is really no way to get a high-level overview of what the big picture changes will be. Also, with 61 current issues and new ones being regularly added..

    AFAIK release date depends entirely on when we close all the tickets.

    ...sounds like there is not a strategy for ever releasing 1.9. If this is true, can we develop a strategy for when we can say "1.9 is good enough to release because x,y, and z are completed and tested, so any other changes will be included in 1.9+"?

    If I was able to get a high level view of the changes, then I might be able to help with that. Without it, I don't think anyone can...

  • @Ed

    The strategy is to get a bug free release. Developing a framework is not an easy task.

    We have to be patient and also contribute with bug detection/removal

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @Ed feel free to download the beta and report any bug issues

  • Thanks guys. Sorry if my post came across as snarky. It wasn't meant to be. I truly love Elgg and really, REALLY appreciate all the work that ALL of you put into it. I understand that developing a framework is NOT easy and many of you volunteer your time on this open project. However... 258 days after the initial question was asked in this thread, it doesn't seem that anyone can give a big picture answer to "info on the plans for Elgg..." without downloading the beta and trying to figure that out themselves. A 1-2 page answer could be really helpful for the community to understand what is going on in github without piecing it all together individually. A document like that could also be helpful in prioritizing tasks that lead to the release and targeting bug detection/removal for that release, as well as identifying what can wait for future releases. Just trying to be helpful. To my admittedly naive eyes that have become quite red investigating Elgg 1.9, it seems that there isn't a plan, and if there is, no one person knows what it is or the scope has become too bloated to describe. Even starting a wiki on this site that people could contribute to from time to time could be a great start for those of us who want to help but don't know where and how to make the best use of our time to help.

  • Ed, ELGG is maintained by a small team around the world.

    But everyone can contribute. You can develop, you can give support, you can give feedback and create documentations. About 50% of the efforts in ELGG doesn't need technical skills. Opening a ticket to report a bug is a valuable contribution.

  • I think Ed has some good points though.  The active elgg contributors are almost all coders, and to get a new milestone the emphasis is always on getting the new code out.  That doesn't leave much time for the rest of the stuff like documentation and communication with the outside world.

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