smooth page changes - 1.8.8

so i have been testing elgg 1.8.8. and also now the latest version of oxwall..
they both have desirable features and undesirable glitches.

the main aspect of oxwall that i like is that pages change (mostly) very fluidly so that when i move from section to section on the site, quite often there is no 'flash' between page changes where the screen is blank or just showing the site's background image.  in contrast the elgg site, even when i disable all the plugins, still has a delay between page loads.

this leads me to conclude that since they are both running on the same server and using the same base technology, that the elgg core is either more complex or less efficient than oxwall - i haven't looked at either of them in detail in terms of code.

i'm wondering if anyone has any comments to add to this observation and maybe knows how to improve elgg's navigation timings so the experience is more fluid?

  • strange predicament ! i browsed thru my elgg-site and.. moving thru and around pages just to see different pages being loaded. i cannot see any any 'flash' at all - and at my age - eyesight is supposed to be 'degradng' !;-) the navigation moves to new pages verryyyfluuuidddlyy - as if they pages are driven by ajax'ed refreshes on only parts of the page -- so the header, footer, other constant content areas do not even blink, forget about 'flash' even for a nano second !;-P - and is @ 'clunky' *old elgg.1.5 !;) - i dare say that your problem is not at all with elgg being complex, less efficient, whateverrrr..! those 'flashes' you see has gotta be caused by something else; you must be looking for performance tuning up the wrong code-tree ;)

  • possibly the oxwall site is configured by default to be more in tune with the server configuration i'm using, than elgg is. 
    other than that, i stand by what i said... and am not presently aware of what settings i can change with elgg to change the effects.

    for reference, you can see the sites here:



  • i compared the two sites in chromium's audit tool and the elgg one produces less issues than the oxwall one there.. hmm

  • well . . . ! both your sites flash visibly on page reloads.
    'settings with elgg to change the effects' ? lolz pipe dreams.. nope! none.
    wish life were that easy ;o)
    and i do not stand by what i said of clunky v.1.5`s 'ajax' fluidnessssss..
    the site's performance is able to stand and speak (in rapid whispers) by and for itself ;)


  • if i move between co-creators, links and blogs, for example... in oxwall, i see no flashes..
    some of the pages have different behaviours if you are logged out.. 
    i think the site is hosted in the area labelled usa presently.. so possibly your location may be slowing the connection, i'm not sure where you are..  

  • ah ok, strangey.. are you browsing with a commodore amiga? :) 

    i'll view it on some other pcs when i get an opportunity. 

  • I tried the links Nick, couldn't really see a diff so far, but there may be something.

  • having moved the site to a new server (cloud) and removed some buggy plugins which i coudn't see previously due to not having full log access.. the elgg site now loads quickly. i have also removed the content counter text that was in the header of the site so that the number of queries per page load has dropped by about 7 on every load.. pages now are almost loaded totally fluidly.. yay!

  • We noticed that at times also. Usually it was a some .js files loading again and again...  did you check Yslow?