I need help, dont know what happen with spotlight

Hi there, well, i m new on elgg, and, i have a trouble on my website

Recently, y Installed the vazco_topbar and  the basic-link-plugin, well, the problem starts when i discover that my spotlight had changed, some like this:

This is a custom spotlight area, generated by this theme plugin.

In addition the header and footer of this theme are also custom ones, and contained in the theme plugin. By placing any custom elements you build on your elgg install in the theme plugin, future engine/core upgrades are possible without loosing or breaking your customisations.

Welcome to this Elgg spotlight area. This is a new feature introduced in Elgg v1.0 and we hope you will find it useful. Every plugin within Elgg can set its own content to be displayed in this space. This can include author infomation, help documents or tutorial videos.


More information


well, at first, i tried to chage again the content of views/defaut/spotlight/default.php but dont works, y tried tu remove the spotlight.

I doesnt work at all, then, i tried to create content with a plugin called, externalpages with spotlight, but.. this happened:


now, i have two spotlights :S i want to remove the first one