Elgg internal messages changed to conversation

Hello Everyone,

Please i have been looking at the the conversation plugin by Trajan and i can't seem to understand how he did it. The plugin didn't work for me. I also installed easy talk but still didn't work for me. I also looked at how the internal message plugin was coded but i don't know where to start from. What i wanted to do is turn elgg internal message to a conversation message system like facebook . Please any help is much appreciated.


  • To be honest I haven't looked at that code or any elgg code for almost 12 months. It was pure chance that I even popped by today. I've not got the time to look through it for you. If you take some time I'm sure you can work it out.

    EDIT: from memory it was a hacked together version and not very "elggy" anyway so best to use it as a map for writing your own version really.

  • Ok Thanks i will try and see if i can.