User Deletion Of Own Account?

Hi All,

I've had a look around the groups and tried using the search function with nothing coming back, so figured I'd ask here.

As we know end user privacy, end user records / content is important but I don't think there is anything built in to elgg to enable a user to seek the deletion of their own account?

Is there a current plugin, (SiteAccess?) that maybe could be expanded to give end users a "Delete Your Account", then deleting all their content / records in the system upon deletion request and action?

Just a thought people, if the above can't be accomplished, does anybody know of any other way around this issue.


  • I volunteer with a community radio station with about 200 other volunteers. I would like to set up an Elgg site for us to share information, upload & share station jingles, discuss programming & technical developments as Groups, add logos & artwork, links etc. It would be a 'walled garden' of private station info and content.

    It would be awefull if the content a volunteer had contributed was to dissapear becasue they had choosen to stop volunteering and leave the Elgg site. Keeping their content would greatly benefit our radio community as a whole.

    Does anyone have any idea if their is a way to keep someones content if they choose to leave please?

    Or, is it possible to remove the 'delete account' option from a users account and only giving that option to the site Admin account?

  • Elgg does not have a delete account option by default. It has to be provided by a plugin.

  • There is already a plugin available, see my solution Westors deleteMe

  • Maybe this could be done:

    Websites could have a profile named "I committed suicide on this site " or any other name and when someone ask for the deletion of their account first all his comments and contributions will be linked to this  profile. then his personal data , avatar pictures are safe for deletion. what do you think?

  • Hi

    I have an idea. do what facebook does.  hides your profile and any info'/content that is specific to the user, and changes the avata and hides the user name on any content that is marked as public.

    If the user doesn't log back in after a set period of time, all the personal info'/content that is specific to that user is then deleted perminately.  The only things left would be anything the user marked as public, such as comments and blog posts etc,  however, the avatas that are attached to the said content is changed to the default and the displayname removed perminately.


    1) user deletes content account - avata is changed to default (avata on content now also turns to default); content marked private is hiden (photo albums, profile; username/displayname is hiden; user informed that if he/she doesn't sign back in after XXX time account will be deleted.

    2) user doesn't sign back in - all the content that was hiden is deleted and all the public content has the user's name and avata (or any personally identifying info') removed from it.

    That way they can delete their account and anything that was public remains just without their avata etc.

    just a thought

  • yew kinda forgot to read all the comments above ? it's kinda all been done like 2 years ago lolz ;-0 and yes it was instigated by that FB stuff b/c site ops manager had said '.. well fb has got it, so why don't we ? ' ;) ==> 



  • Nudeler2

    Just to avoid misunderstandings: my statements (questions) on this matter:
    1) User should be permitted to delete all their made entries (opened blogs, pages, news, groups, tydipics, galleries, ec.). This is actually the case.
    2) User should not be permitted to delete all their given comments in entities of OTHER users. Only admins should be permitted to do this. This actually is the case.
    3) User should be permitted to change or delete the content of their profiler or may request the deletion of the content of mandatory-fields by admin. This actually is the case.
    4) User may request their profile to be changed to hide-status by admin. This is actually the case.
    5) Admin should be permitted to hide or delete profiles and should be permitted to delete all entries or contents of users. This is actually the case.
    6) Based on this I can create Terms of use and Privacy.
    I guess these statements are actually the cases.
    To avoid misunderstandings: could the elgg-crew confirm that?

  • Still no updates on this?  

  • Peter M

    @Stumpy. What area/s were you looking for updates on ? Rob's Elgg style 'own account delete' or the Facebook style features you listed above or Nudler's features list or.. ? In my opinion - both / most feature lists, looks like, will need some fairly advanced coding effort to be done ;)

  • In case anyone looks at this thread again (that I bumped into while looking for something else), the solution is at

    Allows a range of different ways of self-deletion to be used, from full deletion through banning through anonymization.