User Deletion Of Own Account?

Hi All,

I've had a look around the groups and tried using the search function with nothing coming back, so figured I'd ask here.

As we know end user privacy, end user records / content is important but I don't think there is anything built in to elgg to enable a user to seek the deletion of their own account?

Is there a current plugin, (SiteAccess?) that maybe could be expanded to give end users a "Delete Your Account", then deleting all their content / records in the system upon deletion request and action?

Just a thought people, if the above can't be accomplished, does anybody know of any other way around this issue.


  • The period of copyright varies from country to country. Originally we had to put the period of copyright for the UK into the T&C just so that people were aware of how long it was in the UK... It was taken out during the rewrite last year because its now regarded as superfluos information :-)

    Did Disney ever manage to get copyright in the USa extended?

  • Hi there,
    may I join this discussion? I also looked for any tool/mod/plugin that allows users to delete their profile.

    In Germany (I don't know the status in other countries) the users directly ask for functionalities to delete their accounts including the personal data. By law you have to follow that, so I've to find a solution that allowes the user to either revove its account or to (tell him it is removed but) makes the account and the personal data (profile, own blog, own images, etc.) invisible for anybody.

    To hold the other data like comments to other blogs or groups is fine and allowed by law too.

    So did you already think about making the profile and personal data invisible? Would that work?

  • You cannot make a user and his profile 'invisible' but what you can do is rename them and make the profile private - to all intents and purposes they do become 'invisible'. Plus their contributions remain on the web site albeit under the new name.

  • Hi all,

    I found this thread because I was searching for a possibity for the user to remove himself.

    @Carlos Whe I write a blog post and I'm able to edit this post, I'm the content owner. I can modify or remove this. All comments should be deleted, if I decide to remove the post. Same with a group, that I own: All content should be removed and all contributios should be deleted.
    OK, then the next question is: what is with a friend relation? If the user deletes his profile, he can delete the relations from his point of view but he does not have access to the counterparts relations. From a programmers view: Would it be possible to access elgg entities with a higher access level the the user has?

    @jededitor what does it mean? If the profile is private (and if you like, renamed) it shouldn't be listed and contribution also shuldn't be visible? So it's the same as deleting, isn't it?

    @BogieDE I'm from germany to, and I know, our users are a little bit strange in point of privacy. Did you find a solution already?

    I think there must be a solution.
    If I'm a member of a single community, and then decide to leave, I want to delete all of my mails, friendships, images, group memberships, posts tec. Thats a must!


  • So, is there a way for users to delete themselves or not? 

  • Of course there's a way for a user to delete themselves. The same delete user function given to an admin can be given to a logged in user. I'm sorry I'm not saying how, but that's because I myself am not sure since I never tried doing that.. well, not yet anyway. But I think I can go over a few things and come back with some code if you want.

  • In my opinion, it would be better to:

    #1, have the ability for users to request deletion of their account.
    #2, but more preferably that the profiles/accounts are put into a hide or hibernate status, because what you will find - if you allow all users to just delete their accounts at will - is that they will keep starting new accounts over and over and it will cause you major headaches.

  • Carlos, I would love that bit of code.

    Thanks in advance!


  • I know nothing, but perhaps it is possible to include some sort of marker on different types of content so they are either personal or public.

    Then have a first option (available to the user) to hide the profile and personal stuff (and change the owner name of their public stuff to "anonymous") and then they can request deletion which would remove only their personal stuff... the public stuff remaining as "anonymous".

    If they unhide their profile they get their posts back together with their profile etc.  If they have their account deleted, then they loose their "public" content to the site.


  • Mark has good idea there - changing their name to anonymous + random number, changing the password to a random one and the profile to private would do the job fine and would not seriously disrupt the site.