The Book. No excuses for not getting one.

Maybe I am preaching to believers, but,

Unless you are already a hard-core elgg expert (I am not really sure if even this is a good excuse), you must really get the elgg book. Few days into reading it, I already regret for getting my copy so late.

If you have any plans for having an elgg site, developing an elgg site or even getting someone else to implement an elgg site for you, you must get this book. You have really no excuses for not getting one..

Sure, you can read everything on and on the net. But only if you can figure out what you do not know and look for things whose existence you do not know. This book gives the things in the right order (like books are often supposed to do) and it is a great tutorial. I would hate to see this title dropped by the publisher in the future because of low sales or so. Because it is so useful!

It is available in both print and various ebook formats:


(BTW. just in case: I have nothing to do with the packt publishing which printed this book other than partly blaming them for losing my interest in elgg a few years ago. When I had asked safaribooks to include the previous version of this title on their site and waited for it for a while and eventually used my precious "tokens" to download it, it was quite a disappontment to discover that the contents had nothing to do with the then-current software version).