categories and groups

the category and group functions in elgg would be greatly enhanced if they were merged, such that categories and groups become one (which i am calling 'zones').

any created content object can be assigned to multiple zones while also being listed as content owned and viewable in the content list for the individual site user/member.

so if i upload a blog on 'driving music' - i can assign it to the 'driving' zone and the 'music' zone (which are what are currently called 'groups') and that blog appears in both zones/groups, in my blog list and in the main blog list. the owner remains as me and not a group/zone.

the plugin 'hype-categories' has attempted to remedy the category functionality; presently it is unfinished and from what i have seen, is adding a level of bloat to the process that is not needed - if groups become the categories (regardless of a name change to zones or whatever else).

this way there is no need for a category page (as appears in hype-categories) and the site content is structured in a simple way.

i sense that this is essentially the intention of the site-wide categories plugin, though for whatever reason it has not been fully coded.. is that accurate?

anyone? :) 

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Feedback and Planning

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