Site intermittent registering users 1.8.8

Im wondering if anyone can shed some light, when people go to my register page the fill in name, email password and capchta and click FINISH... for some people it goes through to the Thanks for registering page and sends them an email to validate account... for others (many others) when they fill in their details and click FINISH the register page simply reloads leaving the user with blank fields...

It seems to work fine for me and some others but I have had a lot of people which its not working for, all different browsers on different operating systems...

Im pulling all my hair out looking for a solution or at least the culprit causing the problem, any help would be much appreciated


  • haha...


    thanks for the info... I installed a fresh version of elgg 1.8.8 in a subdirectory and copied all the plugins across and registration works with a problem....

    so I know it was the upgrade / the old files which are causing the problem... but how can I find these??



    is there a way to export all the users (retainning login,password,email,profile description,their links and everything that they created in their profile) install a fresh elgg 1.8.8 copy plugins in and import everything and all users and nobody will notice??


    What exactly are my options here?


  • In the Admin section on the Fresh install its called: Plugins
    In the Admin section on the Main install its called: Tool Administration
    Does this help at all?
  • if problem is gone away - not worry @now ;-) [ might have been corrupted code.. happens. but @now who cares? ] re: userProfile data export/import - i have handled for my clients - several incarnations for this task since elgg.1.5 - for db sizes 25K up to 000,000 user-base, u @free -> yr choosing if u wanna discuss more details here or @private. ;-oO;X


  • texts:- 'plugins' is @v1.8 'tool admin' is @ 1.v.7

  • thanks, how can I find the code which is causing the register page submit button/register button/finish button what ever its called button... which is simply reloading the register page and not submitting data?

    if its corrupt code how can i narrow it down and find it?

  • If your site shows "Tool Administration" instead of "Plugins" something has gone wrong when upgrading it. As Dhrup said "Tool Administration" showed up on Elgg 1.7. What Elgg version is shown in the stats overview in the admin section of your site? Is it "Elgg 1.8.8"? Have you executed upgrade.php when upgrading your site? It could also be that the upgrade script did not run completely. It might help to execute it again. Another sign that something "Elgg 1.7"ish still remained on your site is that the input on the register page got deleted on a page reload. In Elgg 1.8 the data entered is kept when an error occurs (like invalid email or forgotten input).

    Or you might have an Elgg 1.8 incompatible plugin installed (it might have worked on Elgg 1.7 but causes problems on Elgg 1.8).

  • P.S. Have you deleted the obsolete Elgg 1.7 folders (especially the "views") folder when you upgraded your site from Elgg 1.7 to Elgg 1.8 as described in UPGRADE.TXT? In case you haven't done it or have not removed all files/directories mentioned this could also be the reason for your problem. Of course, it would work on a fresh install as these obsolete files aren't there in this installation...