Site intermittent registering users 1.8.8

Im wondering if anyone can shed some light, when people go to my register page the fill in name, email password and capchta and click FINISH... for some people it goes through to the Thanks for registering page and sends them an email to validate account... for others (many others) when they fill in their details and click FINISH the register page simply reloads leaving the user with blank fields...

It seems to work fine for me and some others but I have had a lot of people which its not working for, all different browsers on different operating systems...

Im pulling all my hair out looking for a solution or at least the culprit causing the problem, any help would be much appreciated


  • unanswered questions...
    1) which elgg version?
    2) which browsers/os`s/versions do not have problem?
    3) which browsers/os`s/versions do have have problem?
    4) any plugins which handle registration?

    has anybody ever learnt to pre-supply these v-e-r-y relevant facts - which will help to more quickly zoom into an answer/solution - when they ask questions?


  • Thanks Dhrup, sorry I should be more clear

    1) 1.8.8

    2) I have win xp (w/ chrome, firefox) , win 7(w/ chrome, firefox) and on mobile ics [galaxy s2](w/ chrome, default browser) and it works every time for me

    3) other users are using a combination of win7, with chrome, firefox and mac with firefox, opera and safari and some users can register but a lot cant... earlier today a friend helping me(would could not register at all for the last few days) was able to register different accounts 5 times then it stopped working, then it worked again...

    4) I do have some custom plugins installed, just reverted back to default register and still users can not register.. simply brings them back to the same register page


    I did have a fbconnect on an earlier version of the site and Im sure I added a CRON job on the server... could this be a factor? Should I delete it?


    I know my answers are vague, but this is what Im trying to work with... any suggestions?

  • try -> don't use any special characters for the Username


  • I have just asked friend who's trying to help and he was using names like James Smith... no O'Reilly etc...

    in your experince do you think it has nothing to do with the cron on server? (wget --output-document=/dev/null http://**********.com/pg/cron/hourly)

  • oh lolz ! but first tell - if that now woiky oki consistently or not ?

  • no, two ppl just tried with no special chars... hmmmm

    gna turn off FBConnect... maybe that could be the culprit... it was one of the last plugins put in

    What about the CRON job? can I simply delete that... would that cause the register page to reload when "register" is clicked?

  • this issue of clicking register and it reloading the register page is intermittent... but more often than not it will happen and user cannot register

  • its working for a lot of users... but some... mainly Mac users its not working... any ideas?

  • hmmm
    CRON shud affect registration mssgs & emails sent-out.
    'mainly mac user' sounds suspicious...
    key to discoevry is = what those users are typing in for -
    userID, DisplayName (if these the causes of your *no-error-msg* failures)
    but this needs effort to contact those users, talk to them;
    and cause is not evident - code-level debugging ;o(
    and that is, of course, 'sounds like w-o-r-k..' lolz ;oO(;X;P