Add user's display name to owner-block and profile content menus?

This one is costing me hair... LOL. I was working on this a couple weeks ago, then I left for vacation, and now have no idea which file(s) I was editing. I am simply trying to add the members 'display name' before the category on the owner-block/profile-content-menu's. For example... Johnny's Photos, Johnny's Blogs, Johnny's Wire Posts, you get the point. Anyway, any clues as to which file(s) I was editing?

  • I'm not sure if I'm understanding you correctly, but I tried the code below with a few different calls to the language file, and it displays the language file call (e.g. "blog:blogs") as opposed to the text stored for that call (ultimately, "\'s Blogs"). This has been my new issue that caused me to just add the text ('s Blogs) at the end of elgg_echo outside $params. I can't get it to read the language file. :( Although it's aesthetically correct, I know it isn't right. Any other thoughts as to why it isn't reading from en.php?


    $item = new ElggMenuItem('blog', elgg_echo("{$params['entity']->name}:blog"), $url);

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