Deleting Groups

I need a way to delete a group cleanly.  I've managed to manually go in through SQL, but I've left some orphans in other tables I know which I'm worried could cause some unexpected behavior.

Is this a feature we'll see in 1.1?

  • I fully agree. Also, I think there needs to be better deletion functionality overall, especially for admins (deleting a user doesn't delete any of the users contributions).

  • Yes, that's right. Further, I think each user should have the possibility to leave the community/delete his own account.

  • My thoughts about group deletion:

    • Groups can be assigned to other users.
    • Deleted Groups from owners are assigned to Admin. He could decide what to do. Assign group to another user or delete that group with all contributions. A lot of created groups are empty or have less content.
  • @Tosh - ja. the deleted users contributions remain in the database although they are removed from the site. I noticed this as I deleted users and the statistic counts remained the same.

  • For privacy sake it is important that users can delete / deactivate their account. Same applies on this site. Elgg states: 'We claim no intellectual property rights over any material you provide/upload or contribute to the service. If you delete your account, or request to have your account deleted, all information is deleted from our databases'.
    However we have no mean to make such request or to delete the account ourselves.

  • Can someone plz post a code snipplet: how to delete a group? Thx :)

  • Hi,
    I want to install Elgg in the University I work for, and I have the same problem about the possibility to delete a group. As an administrator, I should be able to delete a group that doesn't conform to the institution's policy. What feels strange to me is that elgg has a 'report this' function supposed to inform the administrator about an undesired content, but the administrator cannot delete it. I agree with the fact that a user shouldn't have the right to delete a group in which people are involved, but as I see it, the admin should.

  • Thanks ! I had a look a the roadmap earlier but probably too quickly.

  • is there any way to delete the groups in elgg?