NC Groups & More

Hi Community, I need some coding concerning groups in elgg. I'm using the actual elgg 1.8.8 and the default theme. Please PM me if You are interested. German speeking developpers are welcome.

Greets, tattergreis (vienna, austria)

Part 1:
Display of Groups in Folders and Subfolders
My needs: Better organization of the Display (view) of dozens of Groups

- /groups/all -->  a list of groups and/or folders
- folderstructure, multilevel (folders, subfolders, subsubfolders...)
- folders or subfolders may contain single groups and/or subfolders
- possibility of sorting (like group tools by coldtrick)
- only admin can organize the structure of folders

Part 2:
Additional Group Plugin or Customization of ?
My needs are parent- and childgroups:

- parentgroups and childgroups, vice versa mandatory or not mandatory
- suggested groups by: profile fields (may be tag, interest, zip-code...)
- mandatory groups by: profile fields (may be tag, interest, zip-code...)
- only admin can set parent- and childgroups

Professional Services

Professional Services

Get / offer professional help on Elgg; like customization, design, development, setup, hosting... Illegal trades are not allowed.