Avatar upload problem


I am facing a very strange problem...

I can upload files with the file plugin, upload photos with tidypics, etc...But can't upload an avatar

When my users choose a photo (any format) and click "upload" the error message appears : "the action file for avatar/upload was not found"

I am using Elgg 1.8.8 and everything looks well except this perticular point which is embarrassing

  • Is any plugin overriding the avatar upload action?

    It seems like you have GD up and running, my guess is that probably is a plugin conflict

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Well I deactivate all plugins on a duplication of the site (strictly the same as production one) and the problem is still there...

    Where should I look?

  • Stan: "the action file for avatar/upload was not found" IS the problem..;) Goto ftp or whatever; delete that *whole folder (avatar/upload code place); re-do the upload to your server - *but use the *upload method that *has worked okay for you -- in the past. The cause of the problem is *either *chmod was done *wrong *or *ownership is *wrong or.. you've likely got selinux, suphp running on yr server.. if you have doubts - ask your hosting TechSupport to look at the 'ownerships, groups, permissions' for the folder(s).