Elgg and collaboration

Has anyone used / played around with TeamBox? Looks like a pretty interesting opensource collaboration platform done in Ruby. It would be nice to combine Elgg with this level of collaboration and project management. Ideas?



  • TeamBox being Rails-Ruby-based and therefore - for Elgg, will *have to be an 'integration' and not a directly targeted implementation wrapper'd as a std Elgg Plugin. If one browses the 'technology stack' there - very different technological basis. An extreme option in this generci arena would be to simply use, re-use, extend Elgg's intrinsic features to assemble a 'team management' platform (I am trying to see how this idea could and might work @ Agile.BrainTrainZ.Com (btw -> 110% walled site;) but who knows where this leads to? TeamBox does look q. *interesting stuffs.