Elgg 1.8.8 on Microsoft IIS 7.5 works great!

Yes, as you read it. Elgg v.1.8.8 is finally installed and it is currently working on a Microsoft IIS 7.5.

Several changes had to be made to the source files and I am not 100% sure as yet to have fixed all incompatibilities. I would need to test all core features and menu pages before I declare this version as a successfull version. So far, it works, it is running fine, but who knows? It may crash later. 

I will upload a ZIP file with all required changes in the next few hours.


  • I must admit, it was a nightmare to make it work but I don;t give up very easily.

    The First few discrepancies were found in the Rewrite Rules on the htaccess file. Apparently, Microsoft IIS Rewrite Rules work differently than Apache Rules. So, without these changes it will crash forever. Send me an email to pedro@daprose.com CC: radiojamon@gmail.com and I will send you the list of changes. 

    Another discrepancy was in the installation module while creating the data directory. I had change the installation module as well to avoid the error message on the data folder created as a subdirectory of the same application.  I also noticed that the security settings for that folder crashed completelly and it has to be reviewed completely. For some reason it is not working as all other web applications but instead I had to authorize ALL USERS to modify that folder, that was the only way to make it work.  It shouldn't work that way but for the time being it is working until I find a way out of that problem. I will let you know.

    Test site is running on my laptop only when connected to the internet at  once I finish I will move it to a full server with all services on it of course.

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