How to fix broken links of the topbar menu items?


I'm not able to fix the broken links of the topbar menu items (Dashboard and Administration).

This two items seem to have link broken. Every menu item else works fine.

I don't understand why these two don't work. The URL seems to be ok:



I if write manually into the browser these url work fine (just adding / at the end):




Anyone knows why these menu items links doesn't work?

I've read something about the new system of 1.8 menu autogenerating, and I've found some plugins about how to customize the topbar, but I didn't find anything that may help to solve my problem.

I'm a elgg begginer, and I'm trying my best. But sincerely I need help!!

I have to add that I actualize recently my elgg from 1.7 to last version. And beforte that, these menu items worked perfectly.

Can I manually change the URL of these two menu items?? How?