Cant get this to work

I've installed the form module - and created a form - but cant create ANY fields.

When I submit im taken to the sites homepage?

Can anyone advise?

  • Hi Pilt,

    Yes, the flexfile plugin requires that you define custom list and display templates if you want to see those extra fields.

  • Ok, thanks for the reply :)

    I would like to have something like this in my file upload.

    I tried writing a small php script in the display template with a if function, so that what would show up was the shortform of the licenses (BY-NC-SA, BY-NC, etc.), but the php script just dissapeared. Tinymce was turned off. 

    I followed instructions on W3schools and I'm sure the php is correct, but is it not possible to write php in the templates? And is it any other method to get a sort of license chooser like in the link? Maybe someone already have made one?


  • Hi Pilt,

    Please take a look at the README.txt files for the form and flexfile modules to see the template language. No, you can't include PHP.

  • I've read the README files, but I dont understand all.. This template language, does it only support html and theese php ?variables? inside {} ?

    Anyway, I'll predefine the license choises, so that there is no need for any "if" functions.



  • wow - thanks for the response guys much obliged :)

  • @Dhrup its hard to do research, when I cant determine the issue and spec an appropriate setup, hence needing the advice!

  • Just - an FYI - went with media temple!


    What a dream these guys are :)

  • Zaid;

    I have the same problem .... i cant create fields! coudl you fix it?

  • I change my server and now the plugin works,

    zaid i am going to compare my php.ini and my apache config of the 2 servers

    and if i can see the solution i will contact u

    ...sorry for my english, i do what i can...

  • Zaid and Mylamilagros

    I am facing the same problem. Even I have tried elgg1.5 with form_0_83 and 84 on Apache server but it doesnt work. Even One of friend has tried and it worked fine at his end. Can you tell me which server did you use and worked?



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