Cant get this to work

I've installed the form module - and created a form - but cant create ANY fields.

When I submit im taken to the sites homepage?

Can anyone advise?

  • Just a note - ive found the other threads relating to this, and my setup seems sound.


    Kevin - can  show you my php info to get further advise?

  • Hi Zaid,

    I've no doubt that these plugins still contain bugs, but being redirected to the front page after a form submit sounds like a serious server configuration problem. I've never seen that issue myself nor have any of my clients using these plugins.

    I recommend that you don't use these plugins if you seeing this kind of behaviour. Either that or change servers.

  • is there any info i can give you that would allow me to tweak my setup?

    works fine locally - so its def my production environment!

    Thanks for the response - Zaid

  • Sorry, no. I'm a plugin developer, not a server administrator. The number of things that can go wrong in a server environment is immense unfortunately.

    If you do figure it out, please post your solution here.

  • Thanks - i will, appreciate your time!

  • ...oh and can you recommend a host?

  • I use hostgator and have no major issues, they run php as cgi, but it hasn't been a problem for me (your milage may vary). You have to contact support for mod_security(?). To get the "Bookmark This" and "Report This" links working. Other than that, no problems, and minimal, if any, downtime. 


    Disclaimer: I DO NOT work (not even an affiliate of) for hostgator. These are my opinions and experiences, you may not agree. I don't care, Zaid asked for a recommendation

  • Trust Scott.. ;-)

    I myself have used HostMonster's $6/mth pkg ;-) for about 1 year now.. They seem OK and have not given me any problems so far.. even tho I have about 10 different Domains hosted there.. ;-O

    Blue Host seems OK too.. but they're owned by HostMoster -- same pricing and features deal.

    Also Media Temple seem to also be OK for more powered ( VD ) type hosting and GoDaddy have similar deals going...

    Do your own research and then make your choice;;;;

  • Hi, can someone help me with my problem..

    I've installed the form an the flexfile plugin, and wanted the users to choose a license for what they upload. The form appears in the upload file page, but when I've uploaded something it doesnt appear. The readme file said that the form would replace the tags, and it does in the upload page, but not after the upload. Does this have something to do with templates?

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Form and related plugins

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