Activity Rivers Display Problems

Greetings to all!

My rivers do not display properly. I notice a few other users are having the same problems. The problem seems to center on the "Number of Entries to Display" which does not correspond to entries shown (at least not for me). "5" will sometimes show one or two entries and "8" maybe 6, etc. When I try to "edit," it will often cause the box to blank until a new entry is created. I would appreciate some support on this, if possible. I know this has been an ongoing issue for many people, but it doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves. I believe the problem is being caused by the Messageboard plugin, but I can't be sure. I think this was mentioned before. If anyone has any advice for me, it would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  • sorry, I meant river/widget/plugin name. I've deleted all the instances of those two files that I could find and the activity river still hangs up. I'm going to keep experimenting with it.

  • I solved the problem (at least in my case). The code in mod/river/views/default/widgets/river_widget_friends/view.php was in fact slightly different. By deleting that file and replacing it with with view.php from widgets/river_widget, both rivers now display correctly (once update.php and create.php are removed from the messageboard). You were extremely helpful, Cash. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, this only resolves the problem for SOME users. For others it causes the spinning ajax in BOTH activity boxes.  Otherwise, you can get get a normal river in one and 5 entries in the other.

  • That means you still have some bad code in one of your river views. Each user gets a unique set of river statements depending on what they or their friends have done recently. That's why it will work for some users and not for others. Do you have easy access to your server error log?

  • Actually what I said was idiotic. By doing that you just get a copy of the activity river in the friend's river. So here is the situaiton, Cash. I have a perfect "Activity" river, but can only get 5 entries in the "Friend's Activity" river. Another user has a perfect "Friends' Activity" river, but gets the spinner for "Activity."  This is a product of the unique set of river statements, as you said. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to the server log, so it would be tough to investigate that way. Please tell me what you think I should try and I'll go through it systematically even if it takes a while. I would really appreciate some direction here. You've got a lot of patience, brother. The river is critical to the site and it's driving me nuts.

  • Do you have access to your database - maybe through phpMyAdmin?

    I think your options are

    1. look through the system_log table to see what events exist for the users that are having problems and then fix/remove the river view php code for those events     or
    2. refresh all the river files from the original source      or
    3. remove/rename all the river files (create.php, update.php,etc.) and then add them back one by one until you find the one (or ones) causing the error.
  • Hi Cash,

    I've removed every single river file to the point where the activity river says "We could not find any activity." The "friends' activity" STILL gives the spinner! Infuriating. I did add some code a couple days ago to correct the "x is friends with y," "x is friends with x" issue. Perhaps this is causing the problem.

  • Yup, that was the problem. I had incorrectly tried to resolve the friending problem, which caused the issue with the friends' activity river. Now both rivers function correct (once "create" and "update" are removed from the messageboard). Thanks again for all your help and support.

    Now has anyone come up w/ a working fix for the friending issue?

  • Also, do you guys happen to know why the activity rivers do not display updates to the YouTube and Flickr plugins? Nothing showed up after I upgraded to 1.1.

  • Post what you did to resolve the friending issue and I'll see if I can find the bug.